Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have been wanting to post about Fit4Females for a while now. I have been saying for so long about how I want to get in shape. You know, not just to lose weight after having kids but really get in shape and be healthy and feel great. So my friend Carrie has been raving about Trina and her classes. I finally tried it out last march and was pretty much instantly hooked! Now, almost a year later, I feel better than ever. I feel healthy and I am more toned then ever before. I will never have a perfect body image but I have a healthy one. After having 3 kids I think most of us just kinda give up on ever feeling good in our bodies again. But it is totally possible. It takes hard work and it absolutely pays off.

Trina Medves is the owner and instructor of Fit4Females and she absolutely rocks! If you don't think that you can do it, trust me, you can. She will motivate anyone! Trina offers stroller classes and also adult classes. The stroller circuit and bootcamp classes are amazing if you have little ones. One excuse we always come up with is "Oh I can't excercise because I have no one to watch my kids". Well then bring your kids with you! They can have fun while you work that body! So if you want to get your butt in shape and feel great about it, give Trina a call! Here are some photos of the fabolous Trina and her amazing classes!

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Trina Medves said...

You truly are the most amazing photographer. You have the ability to capture the most natural shots. Thanks for making my website look beautiful!